In my small workshop, set like a jewel in Little Square Arona, I build, create and experiment with various materials. The main passion is mosaic art, which takes up most of my free time. I use materials such as marble, enamels, glass, ceramics, porcelain and much more. I love passing on what I’ve learned over the years to people interested in this art and I rejoice when I see in their eyes the true satisfaction of having created something colorful to put in the house or hang on the wall. In the workshops, which take place weekly in my laboratory, people of all ages participate and spend hours flying with me because they are too concentrated on creating and chatting. And the cup of coffee or tea, accompanied by a biscuit or sweet, is even tastier.

These are precious moments, which we have enclosed in the hashtag #littlesquarearonatempospesobene.

Still in my tiny workshop, I create and package objects intended for sale to raise funds for the Little Square Arona Association which aims to support fragile and needy people or other associations with the same goal. In the projects I involve people who give ideas and help in the realization and packaging. The mere thought that elderly people dedicate themselves to this task in the afternoon makes me proud. Because every moment for or with them is well spent! So with me you can find homemade soap with olive oil, small magnets, crocheted objects, fabric hearts, tea bags and much more.

If you come to Little Square Arona, be seen in my workshop! I will gladly show you what can be done to make the soul feel good.

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