Monasteries of Italy: 15 destinations in nature

They are places where history mixes with spirituality, corners of Italy full of suggestions where art meets silence and meditation and prayer are at home. Sacred destinations, which every year welcome millions of tourists from all over the world.

Monasteries of Italy: 15 destinations to visit

From north to south, the Belpaese is dotted with hermitages, monasteries and abbeys, architectural complexes immersed in the woods, in the countryside, on top of a hillock, by a lake or a stone’s throw from the sea.

We have chosen fifteen places of the spirit to discover. Many full of mystery, others with a unique charm, many still can offer visitors the precious and jealously guarded remains of a thousand-year history. Starting from the first destination, which you see in the photo: Staffarda Abbey, Staffarda (Cuneo)

A medieval treasure in the heart of Piedmont

It rises in the plain a few kilometers from the beautiful city of Saluzzo, and is one of the most important medieval treasures of Piedmont.

The Benedictine complex of Staffarda, founded between 1122 and 1138, includes the abbey church, the cloister, the covered market and the guesthouse.

Ancient and important economic center of the area, where the collection, exchange and transformation of products from the surrounding countryside took place, today it is a treasure to be admired between the church with three naves, the beautiful cloister, the refectory, the Capitular Room and that of Work and the guesthouse.


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